Healthy fish, expert service, and competitive prices is what you’ll find at Blue Thumb Retail Store.

2650 Schust Road, Saginaw, MI 48603

Healthy fish, expert service, and competitive prices is what you’ll find at Blue Thumb Retail Store. The go-to aquarium store serving Mid-Michigan for over 25 years. Come check out our new location on the corner of Schust and Fashion Square Boulevard in Saginaw behind the mall.

We are fully stocked with vibrant saltwater and freshwater fish, corals, inverts, plants, and all of the supplies you could ever need for your perfect aquarium set up.

About Us

Blue Thumb Retail Store is now proud to serve Saginaw, Midland and Bay City residents with top notch aquatic pet supplies. We’ve been a locally owned, family business here in Saginaw since we started cleaning aquariums for commercial offices in 1992. Blue Thumb is best known across the United States as a top manufacturer of pond and fountain equipment and supplies. After our move in 2019, we decided to get back to our roots of indoor aquariums.

“Aquariums were a passion of mine growing up as a child. So much so that I started Blue Lagoon Aquatics as a senior in high school cleaning aquariums at doctor offices after school.”

Owner - Kip Northrup

We carry aquatic pet supplies for everyone from the beginner goldfish owner, to the advanced coral hobbyist. 

Not sure what to get? Stop in and speak to our expert staff to ensure your confidence on your next aquarium or fish purchase.

Fresh Water Fish

We have a wide selection of freshwater fish to choose from with new inventory shipping weekly. Blue Thumb Retail Store only purchases our fish from cherry-picked reputable breeders and suppliers. Our tanks our fed, treated, and cleaned on a regular basis. You can rest assured knowing that you are purchasing healthy livestock.

Saltwater Fish

Saltwater tanks can be tricky, but we’ve got you covered. We’re proud to be a resource to the advanced hobbyist that enjoys saltwater and coral tanks. Blue Thumb Retail Store carries a variety of saltwater fish and coral that outshines the local competitors.

Aquariums and Tanks

Thinking about getting a new tank? Look no further than Blue Thumb Retail Store. We carry a broad selection of tanks in stock. Whether you are searching for the perfect desk tank for a single fish, or a custom-made acrylic tank for a large commercial venue – we do it all.


We carry a wide variety of saltwater and freshwater invertebrates to keep your tank clean and fun!


We are home to a wide variety of saltwater coral, and invertebrates. Each one of our corals is hand selected from expert handlers. From individual coral frags to frag packs, Blue Thumb Retail Store has the largest selection of coral in Mid-Michigan. We seek out amazing corals from all over the world. Then our expert staff cultures them until they are hardy, vibrant colored, and ready for tank life.

Aquarium Installation & Maintenance

Interested in a tank but don’t want to clean it? Our sister company, Blue Lagoon, installs & maintains aquariums in commercial businesses. If you are interested in getting an estimate, please call us at

Our Address

2650 Schust Road, Saginaw, MI 48603

Store Hours

Monday 10am – 5pm
Tue – Sat 10am – 7pm
Closed Sunday